Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter “Policy”) governs your use of Acusticus Consultants Ltd´s owned and created software applications (hereinafter “Applications”) for mobile devices. This Policy sets out the following:

  • What personal data we collect and process about you in connection with downloading our Applications and its related online services;
  • Where we obtain the data from and what we do with that data;
  • How we deal with your data protection rights;
  • How we comply with the actual data protection rules.


All personal data is collected and processed in accordance with EU data protection law.

What personal data we collect and process about you in connection with downloading our Applications and its related online services

Personal data means any information relating to you and which allows your identification, such as your name, contact details, payment details and information about your access to our Applications.

Our intention is not to collect or store any of the above-mentioned personal data from you when you download any the Applications or use our website. Even though some information might be visible to us it is not our intention or requirement to view this data and therefore we do not store any user personal data. Specifically, we do not collect or store your:

  • home address, e-mail address, telephone number, personal ID card numbers and details, credit/debit card or other payment details;
  • your downloaded Applications history;
  • information about your use of our Applications and/or website;
  • communications you exchange with us via emails;
  • location, including real-time geographic location of your computer or mobile device and your IP address;
  • type of mobile device you use, your mobile devices unique device ID, the IP address of your mobile device, your mobile operating system, the type of mobile Internet browsers you use, and information about the way you use the Applications.


Any or all of the above-mentioned details may be automatically collected through App market places, e.g. App Store and Google Play or any other related online services. We strongly recommend you to take the time and carefully read all the relevant privacy policies and terms as you are able to manage what personal data is viewed by these third parties used in our Applications.

Where we obtain the data from and what we do with that data

In case you decide to purchase any additional function or choose any of our Applications’ premium versions, your credit or other payment card verification/screening information is not visible for us and only handled by App market places.

The only visible information in these cases for us is your provided e-mail address which we do not store or use for any purpose.

Some data is automatically collected by analytics companies we work with to help us understand how our Applications are being used, such as the frequency and duration of usage. We work with advertisers and third-party advertising networks, who need to know how you interact with advertising provided in the Applications which helps us keep the cost of the Applications free. This may include cookies of advertisers and advertising networks that are being placed on your mobile device when downloading our Applications. Please visit Google’s website for more information on their privacy and cookie policy as users are able to manage their data used for these purposes.

Advertisers and advertising networks use some of the information collected by the Applications, including, but not limited to, the unique identification ID of your mobile device and your mobile telephone number. These third parties may also obtain anonymous information about other applications you’ve downloaded to your mobile device, the mobile websites you visit, your non-precise location information (e.g. your zip code), and other non-precise location information in order to help analyze and serve anonymous targeted advertising on the Applications and elsewhere. Our “free to use” Applications may display “Admob, by Google” banner advertising and link to the Admob advertising service, using their application interface. The collection and use of personal data by the Admob service is covered by Google Privacy Partner Policy.

Our Applications link with the Admob service making use of a minimal interface that permits the display of banner advertising. Our Applications does not provide any of your personal information to the Admob service (e.g. we do not share any personal data about you to Admob to enable them to target advertising based on your profile). Our Applications include access permissions (e.g. internet access) in order to display the Admob advertising. We have access to limited and anonymous statistical information about the use of our Applications from App market places and Admob by Google.

How we deal with your data protection rights

We are continuously keeping ourselves updated and familiar with the latest developments in the data protection area within EU and EES countries, always striving for full compliance where relevant and providing users of our Applications protection. We are very well aware of the implementation of EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), its application and relevance to our business but we urge users to read all relevant privacy policies and terms used by Google, other App market places and other relevant advertisers. In most of the advertising services used by our Applications, users are able to manage and control how their personal data viewed and used.

How we comply with the actual data protection rules

This Policy may change from time to time to better comply with Google’s and other App Market places’ terms and conditions and policies. In which cases any new Policy will be communicated to you through the Applications you download.

Disclosure and consent

Approximate location:

“Our Ringtone, Wallpaper, Live Wallpaper and Clock Wallpaper apps collects Approximate location to enable local Advertising or marketing and user Analytics for developer, when using the app.”

User IDs:

“Our Ringtone, Wallpaper, Live Wallpaper and Clock Wallpaper apps collects User IDs to enable personal Advertising or marketing and user Analytics for developer, when using the app.”


“Our Ringtone and Wallpaper apps collects Contacts to enable the function contact ringtone or wallpaper image, when user want to set personal ringtone or wallpaper image for contact.”

App activity:

“Our Ringtone, Wallpaper, Live Wallpaper and Clock Wallpaper apps collects App activity to enable user Analytics date for developer, when using the app.”

App info and performance:

“Our Ringtone, Wallpaper, Live Wallpaper and Clock Wallpaper collects App info and performance to enable app performance data for developer, when using the app.”

Device or other IDs:

“Our Ringtone, Wallpaper, Live Wallpaper and Clock Wallpaper collects Device or other IDs to enable app performance data for developer, when using the app.”


By using our Applications, users are giving consent to the processing of personal data as set forth in this Policy and using identifiers on your device for collecting information in accordance with Google Terms of Services and cookie use policy. Users can at any time revoke this consent given by following the links in our Applications to Application to Google’s Privacy & Terms webpage.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the Applications, or have questions about our practices, please contact us via email at




本隐私政策(以下简称“政策”)适用于您对 Acusticus Consultants Ltd 拥有和创建的移动设备软件应用程序(以下简称“应用程序”)的使用。 本政策规定如下:


– 我们收集和处理与您下载我们的应用程序及其相关在线服务有关的哪些个人数据;

– 我们从何处获取数据以及我们如何处理这些数据;

– 我们如何处理您的数据保护权利;

– 我们如何遵守实际的数据保护规则。








当您下载任何应用程序或使用我们的网站时,我们不会收集或存储您的任何上述个人数据。 尽管某些信息可能对我们可见,但我们无意或要求查看此数据,因此我们不会存储任何用户个人数据。 具体来说,我们不会收集或存储您的:


– 家庭住址、电子邮件地址、电话号码、个人身份证号码和详细信息、信用卡/借记卡或其他付款详细信息;

– 您下载的应用程序历史记录;

– 有关您使用我们的应用程序和/或网站的信息;

– 您通过电子邮件与我们交换的通信;

– 位置,包括您的计算机或移动设备的实时地理位置和您的 IP 地址;

– 您使用的移动设备类型、您移动设备的唯一设备 ID、您移动设备的 IP 地址、您的移动操作系统、您使用的移动互联网浏览器类型,以及有关您使用应用程序的方式的信息。


可以通过应用程序市场自动收集上述任何或所有详细信息,例如 App Store 和 Google Play 或任何其他相关在线服务。 我们强烈建议您花时间仔细阅读所有相关的隐私政策和条款,因为您可以管理这些第三方在我们的应用程序中查看的个人数据。








一些数据由与我们合作的分析公司自动收集,以帮助我们了解我们的应用程序是如何被使用的,例如使用频率和持续时间。我们与广告商和第三方广告网络合作,他们需要知道您如何与应用程序中提供的广告互动,这有助于我们保持免费的应用程序成本。这可能包括在您下载我们的应用程序时放置在您的移动设备上的广告商和广告网络的 cookie。请访问 Google 的网站以获取有关其 隐私和 cookie 政策 的更多信息,因为用户可以管理用于这些目的的数据。


广告商和广告网络使用应用程序收集的一些信息,包括但不限于您的移动设备的唯一标识 ID 和您的移动电话号码。这些第三方也可能会获取有关您下载到移动设备的其他应用程序、您访问的移动网站、您的非精确位置信息(例如您的邮政编码)和其他非精确位置信息的匿名信息,以帮助在应用程序和其他地方分析和提供匿名定向广告。我们的“免费使用”应用程序可能会使用其应用程序界面显示“Admob, by Google”横幅广告和指向 Admob 广告服务的链接。 Admob 服务收集和使用个人数据受 谷歌隐私合作伙伴政策 的约束。


我们的应用程序使用允许显示横幅广告的最小界面与 Admob 服务链接。我们的应用程序不会向 Admob 服务提供您的任何个人信息(例如,我们不会将您的任何个人数据分享给 Admob 以使其能够根据您的个人资料投放广告)。我们的应用程序包含访问权限(例如互联网访问)以显示 Admob 广告。我们可以从应用程序市场和 Admob by Google 访问有关我们应用程序使用情况的有限和匿名统计信息。




我们不断更新并熟悉欧盟和 EES 国家数据保护领域的最新发展,始终努力在相关情况下完全合规,并为我们的应用程序用户提供保护。 我们非常了解欧盟新的通用数据保护条例 (GDPR) 的实施、其应用以及与我们业务的相关性,但我们敦促用户阅读 Google、其他应用市场和其他相关广告商使用的所有相关隐私政策和条款 . 在我们的应用程序使用的大多数广告服务中,用户能够管理和控制其个人数据的查看和使用方式。




本政策可能会不时更改,以更好地遵守 Google 和其他应用市场的条款和条件以及政策。在这种情况下,任何新政策都将通过您下载的应用程序传达给您。








用户 ID:


“我们的铃声、壁纸、动态壁纸和时钟壁纸应用程序会收集用户 ID,以便在使用该应用程序时为开发人员启用个人广告或营销和用户分析。”














设备或其他 ID:


“我们的铃声、壁纸、动态壁纸和时钟壁纸会收集设备或其他 ID,以便在使用应用程序时为开发人员启用应用程序性能数据。”


使用我们的应用程序,即表示用户同意按照本政策中的规定处理个人数据,并根据 Google 服务条款和 cookie 使用政策使用您设备上的标识符来收集信息。 用户可以随时通过我们的应用程序中的链接 Google 隐私和条款网页的应用程序 来撤销此同意。




如果您在使用应用程序时对隐私有任何疑问,或对我们的做法有疑问,请发送电子邮件至 与我们联系。